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Plastics Reprocessing

Reprocessing plastics is a lucrative business in that it diverts tens of thousands of tons of waste plastic each year from landfills and in return, these reprocessed plastics cut costs for both manufacturers and consumers. PVC Enterprise is essentially the middleman in this process by creating a cycle of plastics reprocessing.

Reprocessed Plastic

Consider a window frame manufacturer who supplies finished frames to builders. The builders scale the frames down to fit the project and are left with plastic scraps. These scraps come to PVC Enterprise where we specialize in plastics reprocessing by turning the scrap plastic into recycled plastic pellets, powder or regrind. The reprocessed plastics are then sold back to manufacturers to be used in the production of new products.

There is some concern that plastics reprocessing is a temporary solution because even those secondary products will end up in landfills. But our method of reprocessing plastics closes the gap so that the cycle can continue for as long as we are able to maintain it.