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Our Plastic Recycling Process

Our Plastic Recycling Process

Our plastic recycling process takes into account a changing industry that has evolved into a viable marketplace. Companies across the globe are expected to become environmentally accountable and PVC Enterprise can help you accomplish this by streamlining your waste back into the market, and as a result, money back into your pocket.

Through years of experience in the industry, we have developed a two-tier system that positions us as plastic recyclers and a plastic grinder. Our recycling process has been perfected to benefit plastic product manufacturers, builders and even consumers. Here’s how we do it.

Our plant is equipped with only the best plastic grinder and machinery. Once the plastic scraps are broken down into smaller pieces, they are fed through the plastic grinder where the blades break it down…
We are one of Toronto’s leading plastic recyclers for post-industrial materials and will purchase your vinyl, polyethylene and PVC plastic scraps to be reprocessed. If you’ve got waste for plastic recycling, get in touch with…

To Reprocess, Regrind, or Clean
Plastic and PVC

Our Products

  • Reprocessed PVC
    White Reprocessed
  • Reprocessed PVC
    Black Reprocessed
  • Reprocessed PVC
    Gray Reprocessed
  • Regrind PVC
    White Regrind
  • Regrind PVC
    Mix Regrind

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