Selling Us Plastic Products

We will buy waste Plastic products. Find out how!
Sell Us Plastic

Sell Us Plastic

As one of Ontario’s leading industrial plastic recyclers, we purchase a wide range of plastic materials in a variety of sizes and forms. Using our state of the art plastic grinders, the scrap plastic will be reprocessed to create recycled plastic pellets, plastic regrind or plastic powder. Suppliers can then buy the reprocessed plastic materials from PVC Enterprise at a rate much lower than pure virgin plastics, thus reducing future costs.

Management of plastic waste can make or break the effectiveness of any recycling process because if you’re generating plastic waste in the process of eliminating it, the effort is futile. Make your life easier by…
How to sell plastic (or where to sell plastic waste) isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Through our quick and simple process, we can help you optimize your revenue and reduce your material costs…
Scrap plastic is unfortunately an inevitable side effect of working with plastic materials. Regardless of the project, you’re bound to be stuck with at least some scrap plastic pieces. Rather than toss them, why not…
Reprocessing plastics is a lucrative business in that it diverts tens of thousands of tons of waste plastic each year from landfills and in return, these reprocessed plastics cut costs for both manufacturers and consumers.…

To Reprocess, Regrind, or Clean
Plastic and PVC

Our Products

  • Reprocessed PVC
    White Reprocessed
  • Reprocessed PVC
    Black Reprocessed
  • Reprocessed PVC
    Gray Reprocessed
  • Regrind PVC
    White Regrind
  • Regrind PVC
    Mix Regrind

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